Sample slides and lesson plans

Some teachers have suggested that sample lesson plans and slides could help teachers see how the Race Unity speech topic could be explored in a classroom. 

Of course, there is a range of ways to explore the topic of race unity with a group of students, just as there are many different approaches to teaching in general. The slides and lesson plans below were created by secondary school teachers, but they are only illustrative examples and not intended as exemplars of best practice.


Sample Slides

About these slides

This set of slides explores this year’s speech topic ‘Speaking for Justice, Working for Unity’. It starts by exploring the concepts of race, unity and justice. Then it looks at some key quotes and insights from last year’s Race Unity Speech Awards and Hui. Finally, it presents the speech topic and questions. These slides are a starting point for lesson sequence at a senior level, intended to be adapted and changed as teachers see fit into their classrooms. They may especially complement a unit exploring social issues in senior social studies. 



Lesson plans


About these lesson plans

This set of three lesson plans are an example of what it might look like to explore this year’s Race Unity topic in a senior Social Studies classroom. The lesson plans are based on a Year 11 Social Studies class studying a unit on contemporary social issues in New Zealand, using the slides linked above.

Race Unity Example Lesson Plan.jpg

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