RACE UNITY CONFERENCE 2018 – Race, Unity and Justice

Saturday 12 May 2018

The Race Unity Conference is a collaborative space where youth and their supporters discuss and explore opportunities for the improvement of race relations in Aotearoa. This year’s Conference will explore the relationship between race, unity and justice.

The Conference was held on Saturday 12 May at Te Māhurehure Marae, Auckland and was immediately followed by the National Final of the Race Unity Speech Awards.



9:30am             Mihi whakatau – welcome

10:00am          Kaputī – morning tea

10:30am          Race, unity and justice: a dialogue – Rez Gardi (2017 Young New Zealander of the Year) and Dr Arama Rata (University of Waikato)

11:30am          Race, unity and justice: small group discussions

12:30pm          Tina – lunch

1:30pm            Wānanga – workshops

Sculpture – Tessa Lew (Massey University)

Performing belonging – Dione Joseph (He Kōrero Ngā Tahi)

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – John James Carberry (Te Ata Kura Educators)

Youth civic participation – Delia Nolan (Office of Ethnic Communities)

4:00pm            Kaputī – afternoon tea

National Final of the Race Unity Speech Awards

4:30pm                        Mihi – welcome

4:45pm                        Whakahoki – return of the shield by Tauawhi Bonilla of Te Aute College, Central Hawkes Bay – national winner of the 2017 Race Unity Speech Awards

5:00pm                        Whaikōrero – speeches by national finalists

6:30pm                        Hapa – dinner

7:30pm                        Whakawhiwhinga – prize-giving

8:30pm                        Purini – dessert


What earlier conference participants have said:

  • “I enjoyed being a part of such a moving and motivational experience”
  • “Through competing and attending the conference, I have met so many great people, it has opened my eyes to new perspectives. I have been made aware that the issue of racial unity is – on a wider scale – unity of the society we live in, and reached an understanding of just how important unity is.”
  • … thank you for making this opportunity available to all of us …and thank you for showing me the multitude of ways we can make change in our society.”
  • “..it would be good to extend the days to a week for this sort of important event.”
  • “Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity! It’s been a great honour and because of it I have gained more confidence in my everyday life! Thank you!”
  • “Keep doing what you’re doing, you have no idea how incredible this experience that you have provided for us is!”
  • “Thanks for an amazing experience. I hope to be back next year, fingers crossed!”
  • “Amazing event! Thank you so much; I went away inspired and equipped to do my bit towards achieving a racially diverse NZ”
  • “Everything was awesome!”
  • “I enjoyed taking part in the intriguing and thought-provoking workshops. I found then really stimulating”
  • “The whole experience was fantastic… I really enjoyed listening and comparing all of the different viewpoints on how we can improve and enhance Race Relations in Aotearoa.”